Terminator was tasked with removing a fatberg from a mainline sewer system, reducing flood risk and blockages in the area.

Whitechapel is renowned for its traditional pubs and curry houses and is a focal point for dinning and leisure. Fatbergs have become widely reported in the news and media, as there has been an increase in the size and volumes of large congealed lumps of fat and waste found in sewers. Terminator was commissioned to deal with the most challenging tasks faced by the industry. Terminator did just that, by successfully removing 120 tonnes of solidified fat from a 100m sewer line in White Chapel Central London. This area of London is renowned for having many restaurant establishments and so it came as no surprise to find this amount of fat, oil and grease in the sewer line.

Terminator was onsite alongside its Welfare Unit T80, and Mega Cam CCTV survey unit to ensure that the fatty waste was removed in its entirety. Terminator and Hydro Cleansing’s most senior engineer crew worked to remove the waste in approximately 3 three days. This was a job in which was estimated to take more than three days, but thanks to Terminator this job made this fatberg removal look extremely easy.

Mega Cam was on hand to support Terminator by surveying the sewer throughout the job, allowing engineers and site managers to see the progress of the job throughout. The welfare unit provided the team with the appropriate facilities to rest and refresh over the periods that they were onsite.

After a CCTV survey was carried out, the task at hand was to safely removing the solidified fatty waste. Hose was extended into the line to remove the large materials of congealed fat waste, and high pressure jetting was used to break it down and remove smaller materials left behind.

This job was a great success with the team being praised for their professionalism and outstanding work ethic.

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Fun facts about this project

Welfare support team
Metre sewer line
Tonnes of fat removed
CCTV Reports