Spirit of France Calais Ferry

Terminators largest Marine Waste Removal project, removing over 60 tonnes of waste from one of the largest vessels constructed for Dover/Calais transportation.

P&O ferries is renowned for its impressive cruise liner ships which transport thousands of people from Dover to Calais each day. Terminator was called upon the Spirt of France to carry out a large scale marine waste removal project – Tank Cleaning. The project involved Hydro Cleansings other flagship tankers Megatron and Jack and the Giant Slayer and was one of the biggest marine waste management jobs Terminator has undertaken. The team were tasked with cleaning the tanks and removing the waste from its tanks. Over the course of the project which lasted two days, 60 tonnes of waste was removed. This project took just a weekend to complete, and you only have to see the images to see what this task involved.

Terminator worked as a team alongside its operators and other tankers to ensure the job was done in a timely and efficient manner and what a success! This projected shows how versatile Terminator is.

  • Marine Waste
  • Terminator
  • 60 tonnes of WasteWaste
  • Ferry
  • Vacuum Tanker

Fun facts about this project

Tonnes of waste removed
Tankers used
Man team
Days job completion