Fan arrives to her High School Prom in Terminator

Celebrating the end of high school in a semi-formal event is a growing trend in the UK. Prom has become an event full of grandeur and elegance, arriving in style is quintessential.

Year on year more and more students are taking part in the growing trend of Prom. Students are pulling out all the stops to ensure that they are dressed to the nines and arriving in style in style for a day to remember.

With Terminators unique look, bright colours, and loud horns, it’s only right that the tanker took the night off to fulfil the wishes of a fan.

This Terminator fan requested she arrive at her high school prom in the Mighty Terminator, with all its bright lights, and horns, she was certain to make an entrance that would not be forgotten.

Expressing her delight and excitement, it certainly beats arriving in a stretch hummer or Italian sports car and made her prom night one that she would not forget.

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Fun facts about Terminator

Litres Waste Tank
PSI Jetting Pressure
CFM Suction Power
litres Clean Water Tank