Friends Who Like Terminator

Terminator has huge following of dedicated and passionate people, who love Terminator.

Hydro Cleansing are renowned for their impressive tanker fleet. Building Terminator was about constructing a vehicle that not only grabs the attention of all, but also provides solutions to the challenges in the drainage, environmental and waste management industry. As Terminator is a Flagship tanker it is certainly favoured by many.

It’s quite hard not to take a fascination with this beautiful tanker truck. Friends who like Terminator is the dedicated Facebook page for the devoted fans of Terminator where they can find the latest news and images from Terminator.

As a fully operational tanker working some of the most sort after industrial jobs and projects in the industry, when Terminator transforms from a lorry and into a machine with various technical abilities you see that this is not just any ordinary tanker truck.

Many of Terminator’s fans have been following its journey from its initial idea right through to its very latest job. So if you’re looking for all things Terminator, you’ve come to the right place.

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Fun facts about Terminator

Litres Waste Tank
PSI Jetting Pressure
CFM Suction Power
litres Clean Water Tank